Lil Uzi Vert has had an eventful past few days. On Thursday, Lil Uzi Vert took to social media to let everyone know that the highly anticipated Luv Is Rage 2 would dropping later that night. So ultimately, the hip hop community and the internet were buzzing because it's been over a year that we've been waiting for this project. A few days later, his highly infectious "XO Tour Llife3" had received the VMA for the Song Of The Summer and rightfully so. It's incredible accomplishment especially if you consider that his debut project was only released two days prior. While Uzi's clearly been winning, today Nicki Minaj has made it clear that she's adamant on being on Uzi's next single... if he sends her the beat.

Nicki hit Instagram earlier today to share a video of her vibing to the pre-chorus of Lil Uzi's "The Way Life Goes." She captioned it "ummm Uzi better make this a single, send me the beat, and quit playin." 

Uzi later reposted her video and simply captioned it, "luv is rage 2 @nickiminaj" along with a smiley face and a love letter emoji. While it's a pretty vague response, it seems like he may be taking her request into consideration. The two rappers both appeared together alongside Meek Mill for "Froze" off of DC4 and the track was a stand-out on the project.

Uzi's music has evolved from being boxed into hip hop to drawing influences from rock to hip hop to pop and beyond. Nicki Minaj herself had a similar come-up with much of her early music having a much more grittier hip hop tone to it to becoming globally acknowledge pop music."The Way Life Goes" teeters closer to pop than to hip hop so with Nicki and Uzi clearly mastering the art of balancing both, she would definitely be a solid contender to remix the joint. Hopefully this actually ends up coming into fruition.

We're sure with Uzi's rising stardom, the two are bound to collab at some point in time even if it doesn't end up on this song.

Check the Instagram clips below: