Overnight news of Nicki Minaj's tour postponement sent shockwaves throughout her fanbase. In addition to a postponement until May, Future's connection to the North American has been cut short due to "scheduling conflicts." Nicki Minaj has since taken to social media to clarify a few misconceptions regarding the change.


Nicki cited her many scheduled her many promotional spots in the coming month as the primary reason for the push-back. In her mind, she owes it to herself and her fans, to get the best yield out of both her promo run, and preparations for the tour. 


Nicki the seemingly took into account a fan's request that she replace Future's co-headliner slot with three accompanying openers, to which she replied, "Yes, ok. I will do that for the US."


Nicki also promised to rectify the humidity factor at her most recent outdoor concerts, in which several spectators complained of heatstroke. By her own admission, the summer tour stops will all be held in "indoor arenas," much to the delight of her Twitter fans. This wouldn't be the first time Nicki has consulted with fans before making "big crunch" decisions. It should be noted that Future is still pegged as a co-headliner for the European leg coming into effect in the new year. Keep it peeled for updates as they become available.