This weekend, social media heated up with Barbs around the world showing off their own skills on the microphone, freestyling over Nicki Minaj's latest hit "Megatron." Fans are being encouraged to send their best submissions to the Queen, who has been reposting plenty of videos. If you're not a rapper, you can always send a video of yourself dancing to the track or wylin' out in a group. After receiving a bunch of uploads in her inbox, Minaj decided to raise the stakes a little by offering a record deal to the winner of her challenge, opening up a new stage in her career.

Nicki Minaj first came up under Lil Wayne and now, she might be trying to have the same impact on a younger artist. Nicki constantly gets called out for not supporting other rappers with many of her haters saying she selfishly stops other artist's bags. This might be her way of combatting that narrative.

On Twitter, Onika said that the challenge ends on July 27, giving fans much of this month to come up with the most creative idea. The winner of the challenge will get $10K in cash and a chance to visit Nicki Minaj. The runner-up gets $5K and third place wins one thousand dollars. Minaj added that whoever wins the rap challenge must sign to her label, giving people a whole new reason to try out their freestyle skills. 

Do you think you have what it takes?