Nicki Minaj may have pushed back Queen to August 10th, but it feels like the rollout is gathering momentum. Fresh off the drop of back to back singles, including the Lil Wayne assisted "Rich Sex" and the Ariana Grande assisted "Bed," Nicki has once again taken to Twitter to build hype for her potential magnum opus. After all, should one dub herself "Queen," one must be willing to back it up with music worthy of the royal cause. As it stands, the response to her singles has been generally positive; luckily, it would appear that Minaj still has some heat in the stash.

With the NICKIHNDRXX tour set to kick off on September 21st, it's clear that the pair have formed an intriguing bond. Though they have collaborated in the past, it seems as if Nicki is regarding their upcoming musical endeavors with esteem. Case in point, Minaj took to Twitter to respond to an eager fan, claiming "Wait til u hear the new bop I got w Future tho." 

It's hard to say what said "bop" might sound like, but there's no doubt it will be appearing on the forthcoming Queen. It seems only natural that the pair would connect, and hopefully, whatever they concocted finds both parties at the height of their abilities.