Earlier this year, we were begging to hear some news from Nicki Minaj, who had disappeared from social media for months. Many expected that the star was hiding something, presuming that she might come through with an album announced à la Queen last year. Before telling the world that she was returning with a fresh album, Nicki dropped "Barbie Tingz" and "Chun-Li" in 2018. Similarly, she re-emerged this year with her new single "Megatron." Now, the famed rapper is ready to unleash another bombshell on her loyal fanbase, prematurely telling folks that on Friday, she's got some big news to share.


Nicki Minaj struck gold with her Queen Radio series on Beats 1. The show has proven to be one of the most successful forays for a modern artist into radio and considering she's always got something good to say on the air, you can guarantee that her fans will keep on listening. Previewing her announcement on Friday, Minaj informed her audience that she would be spilling the beans on something in the very near future. "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT," said the artist. "QUEEN RADIO IS GOING DOWN FRIDAY @ 12PM PST — 3PM EST." She also shared a link to her new playlist before saying that the episode would be "legendary." 

What do you think Nicki will be announcing? Could a new album be on the way? Another new single? Or something else altogether?