Nicki Minaj has been unapologetic about her relationship with Kenneth Petty and has defended him at every turn from all of the critics out there who have something to say about their union. Minaj has been teasing her intentions to marry Petty as of late although it doesn't seem like it's happened just yet. Either way, Minaj has stated that Petty is her soulmate and that a tying of the knot will be on the way sooner than later. Today, Nicki hit up the Beats 1 studio where she recorded the 14th episode of her popular show, Queen Radio.

During the episode, Minaj had some choice words for those hating on her relationship. As she explained, she's very much in love and there is nothing anyone else can do to change that.

"When a person is with a n---a that loved them before they had a dime in their pocket? How do you not understand that? How do you not understand happiness vs clout?" Minaj asked. "How f--king dare you talk about lowering standards."

Minaj went on to say that "money cannot buy me happiness and good sex," which was in relation to the criticism that Petty isn't on her level of fame. The "Megatron" rapper explained that the two have known each other since she was 15, so for her, fame and fortune doesn't matter as long as she's happy. If there's one thing for certain here, it's that Nicki knows what her priorities are in the quest for love.