This year's Hot 97 Summer Jam is only a week away, and perhaps in the spirit of it, Peter Rosenberg had a sit-down with Nicki Minaj on Hot 97. As you may recall, Peter Rosenberg left quite the impression on Nicki Minaj when he blasted her hit single at the time, "Starships," for not being real hip-hop. Although this happened at the Festival Village Stage (which the HNHH team will be at this year), it affected the main stage event-- Nicki backed out of her headlining performance because of Rosenberg's comments.

Rosenberg, who has apparently been trying to get ahold of Nicki for a sit-down for basically the entire year since the incident, finally made it happen. Nicki Minaj was recently on air with Rosenberg and they re-hashed the events of last summer. After Rosenberg gave a lengthy explanation as to what happened the day of his insults, and what has happened since, Nicki Minaj responded simply, "it's water under the bridge." She added, "It was so long ago, I really can’t care."

They go on to discuss what Peter Rosenberg does at Hot 97, because Nicki Minaj says that she has no idea what he does or who he is, which made her even more upset after his remarks during the Festival Village performances. Rosenberg defends himself saying he's been in radio for 16 years.

"In hindsight I shoulda just did the show," Nicki Minaj said about last year's Summer Jam. "Because I've never allowed anyone to, no matter what I've gone through personally or whatever professionally, I've never allowed that to make me let my fans down. And even if it wasn't a Nicki Minaj fan, just a fan in general, somebody who paid to see the show, I think in hindsight I shoulda just came out, 'cause it's my hometown especially." She added, "And so I wish I would have come out and did the show, and I apologize for not doing the show."

Ms. Minaj continued to question Rosenberg's work at the station, and she did not go easy on Rosenberg. "To me, I just don't know your resume. I never found you funny, I never found you entertaining, I never found you smart, I just found you annoying," she said candidly. "Because I grew up in New York, I've grown up on Hot 97... I was like 'who are you?' To me you don't have enough of a resume to make those comments, but you know, you did, and it is what it is."

You can check out Nicki and Peter's full 27-minute discussion below. Under that, there's an interview Nicki did with the morning show.  Also, Summer Jam is on June 2nd. Grab your tickets here.