Nicki Minaj is set to have a huge year. She's already won back her rap audience with a string of furious-spitting tracks like "Lookin Ass" and "Boss Ass Bitch", and a few weeks back launched her Dr. Luke ballad "Pills N Potions", which has been taking over radio waves since.

The YM rapper spoke on quite a few topics revolving around her upcoming album and beyond in an interview with I-D magazine. While she's not sure whether Drakewill show up on the record, she jokes about her fantasy of marrying the Toronto rapper, speaks on working with Kanye West for "Monster", and recalls that time Rihanna fondled her at the MTV movie awards.

Read some excerpts from the interview below.

What are your influences?
The way I rap is the way I speak, it’s conversational. I try not to limit what I put in my raps. I approach it like I have something to prove, whenever I do records I think, if this is my last time to say something to the hip hop world, what would I say? How would I thank people, talk about my past, prepare them for my future and also do it with style and swag? And then I go in. 

What was it like working with Kanye?
When I got the call to be on Kanye’s album that’s when I started thinking "hmm…" They have their little circle and I didn’t really expect to be accepted in that little circle. Once I knew I was getting on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy I felt like this might be a movement. This is big for a female rapper to be on a Kanye album. 

Do you feel like being a female rapper is more accepted now?
I think the stars have aligned and now it’s our time, I don’t know what happened, but I hope we get way more female rappers coming to the game and at a faster pace. 

Who’s your ideal man?
One day I will run away with Drake and get married, but right now it’s just a fantasy. 

And your ideal woman? 
Rihanna. She fondled me at the MTV Awards and the America Music Awards. I love her. She’s the best fondler ever.