Nicki Minaj has been duped by a fraudulent entity in China, resulting in her bag temporarily running cold. The "Chun-Li" rapper flew all the way to China to participate in her concert booking, only to find out the festival was a complete sham. Nicki was told she would receive a healthy sum of $3 million for a headline performance atop the bill, but those numbers were soon retracted upon her landing, leaving the concert-goers who'd paid 3,000 yuan or $340 American, empty-handed, without the option to seek a reimbursement.

It turns out, the fraudulent promoters were using the corporate branding from a music festival in Bali (DWP) to sell their concert bill. As soon as the DWP festival committee in Bali caught wind of the copyright infringement, they retracted their support, threatening legal action - and so went Nicki Minaj's participation, as she refused to perform without a proper guarantor. It is also said, the big festival grounds Nicki Minaj was promised, turned out to be a venue with a 1,000 person capacity, far too small to house the 8.000 who were left "empty-handed."

Before returning to home soil, Nicki Minaj issued the following (down below) video message to fans, promising to return to Shanghai, but with a better established "business partner."