Used to showing off her body in the hottest looks made out of latex, Nicki Minaj has always been comfortable flaunting her figure. For good reason too as she continues to have one of the best bodies in the industry. Unfortunately, sometimes with overly body-hugging outfits come wardrobe malfunctions and, depending on how you look at this, Nicki was victim to a painful one during her BET Awards performance. Transitioning from "Chun-Li" to her new single with Lil Wayne, "Rich Sex," Nicki removed her robe to reveal a red-hot latex number, which was, unfortunately, a little too tight in her private area.

Unless it was planned for Minaj to show off a little bit of camel toe, the bodysuit showed off her you-know-what for millions of viewers to see. While nothing ended up slipping out of her costume, fans could easily have used their imagination with what was shown on screen. She seems to have recognized what was going on too as her hand continued to gravitate to that area, causing a temporary obstruction of view. As with most performances by the Queen, the showing was meant to be sexy but the wardrobe malfunction was almost certainly unplanned. 

Regardless of whether or not it was meant to happen, Nicki toughed it up and performed to her highest capacity as she always does. The star is releasing her next album in August, titled Queen.