While early reports of tension between Idol judges seemed like a good hook for the new season, the show turned in historically low ratings this year. Randy Jackson has already announced that he will not be returning to the competition for the first time in 12 seasons, and speculation has arisen on whether any of last season's judges will be returning (especially amidst rumors that the network wants Jennifer Lopez back in place of Mariah). Nicki Minaj spoke with host Ryan Seacrest about her relationship with Mariah, as well as her plans in regards to Idol's next season.

On her turbulent relationship with co-host Mariah Carey, Nicki revealed that while she admired the R&B legend her whole life, she never felt comfortable with her on the show.  "Imagine someone that you loved your whole life...imagine you meeting them and then all of a sudden feeling like you did something horrible to them but you just don't know what you did," she said. "That's what my relationship with Mariah is, and that's what it's been from the beginning. I just really thought that we were friends, but...that's the other thing I learned that this industry is so fake."

She continued to criticize the industry for it's superficiality. "You walk away thinking people are your friends and they're not. It's a couple nice hi and byes and then really, you better not step on nobody's toes. And God forbid you get a little shine. And God forbid you're maybe witty or quick on your toes or make someone laugh. Then maybe you're making another person feel insecure. And you shouldn't have to dim your light to let another person shine."

Minaj had nothing but positive remarks for the show however. "I love the people on Idol" she said, revealing "If i were to this all over again I would." Although when asked if she would come back for another season, the Pink Friday rapper was more hesitant, cryptically responding with "That's the million dollar question."

Watch the full interview below.