Nicki Minaj is not at all the person she was a few years ago. Once upon a time, the artist would opt for shock-worthy costumes à la Lady Gaga in order to get people talking about her. The earlier days of her career were filled with colorful looks and eye-catching wigs and although she will still get creative with her style choices, Nicki is much more conservative with her fashion these days. Even that is saying a lot because she's still one of the stars that take the most risks with her looks, even in 2018. With this year being a major one for her in terms of the release of the long-awaited Queen, the matriarch of the Barbs was in a reflective mood yesterday as she showed off a handful of her most memorable looks over the years.

She still rocks plenty of different hairstyles but after going through a few of her favorite moments of her career, Nicki is much more reserved in terms of her color palette. From lime-green and neon pink looks to the memorable leopard-print locks she rocked, Minaj went through nearly a decade of moments to choose just a few to feature in her Instagram gallery. Captioning the post, "Colorful hair don't care," the starlet quoted herself from 6ix9ine's track "FEFE," which seems incredibly fitting given the content being shared.

As she faces a lot of criticism due to the rollout of her most recent album and her comments after being "snubbed" at the top spot on Billboard, Nicki's Queen Radio is seeing a large surge in listeners as she proves to still be one of the most controversial artists today.