We live in the era of the hater. In fact, many seem to enjoy seeking out that which we hate. Even here, we see people reading and commenting on subjects they so obviously loathe. Perhaps it's an addiction. Perhaps a way of life. While we ponder the mysteries, Nicki Minaj's recent singles "Barbie Tingz" & "Chun-Li" continue to amass momentum. Not only have the two bangers achieved acclaim from critic and fan alike, but they've gone on to convert even some of the game's most outspoken Minaj haters, namely Funk Flex, Joe Budden, and Peter Rosenberg. 

For some context, Funk Flex previously unloaded on "wack rappers," a category he deemed to include Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy, Lil Yachty & Lil Pump. Joe Budden repeatedly claimed Minaj was on the decline throughout his stint on Everyday Struggle, and handed her one of the year's biggest L's on his "This Year Was Dope/Trash" special. As for Rosenberg, he and Nicki have undergone on-and-off beef for years now, and it's safe to say the relationship has never truly been on solid ground. Therefore, it's clear why Nicki expressed utmost surprise upon hearing their kind words.

"Wait hold on. Yo did hell freeze over?" writes Nicki, in a lengthy IG caption. "Were bombs dropped on #ChunLi? Did Flex say this record #HARD????? Did Joe say this record #HARD? Did Rosenberg say #QUEEN????? Man, all I’ll say is THANK YOU. Takes real n***z to do this. I don’t mind criticism, but hating on smthn that’s clearly hard AF will only make you look less credible, miserable, & prove your issues are PERSONAL & unwarranted. So respect to everyone showin love."

To be fair, both singles are most definitely bangers. Props to Nicki Minaj for holding it down, and we look forward to her new album, whenever it drops. Check out the post below, which features video of Funk Flex dropping bombs on "Chun-Li", as well as Budden & Rosenbergs' thoughts on the new drops.