Remy Ma fired two diss tracks at Nicki Minaj and, though she never responded, the rap world was set ablaze. TMZ caught up with superstar DJ Lil Jon and asked him whether he thought Nicki should retaliate.

"Right now, I wouldn't even respond," he said. "I'd let it go."

Lil Jon added that their rivalry was good for the culture though since hip hop was founded on rap battles. When the paparazzi asked him whether Remy made a mistake by releasing a second, lesser track, Lil Jon answered he hadn't heard the second one because the first was so good. In his opinion, Remy probably had no choice but to drop "Another One."

"She had two in the chamber, she had to let that second one go," he said. "It was hot. That second one was a hot bullet. She let it go."

Watch the interview in the clip below.