If anybody was discounting Nicki Minaj's ability to create absolute hits, they have likely been proven effectively wrong through her two new singles. Both "Chun-Li" and "Barbie Tingz" debuted on Beats 1 Radio today to massive fanfare as her supporters have been anticipating her new album for years. With another track on the way via her feature on Young Thug's upcoming "Anybody," Nicki Minaj has fully taken over this week's releases. While the new songs were only released about an hour ago, one of them is already being teased for its upcoming music video.

Around the time of its release, a music video teaser for "Barbie Tingz" was already prepped and ready to be uploaded to Nicki's official YouTube account. Starting off the clip in her "Chun-Li" cover outfit, Nicki quickly shifts to a shape-defying, neon get-up as she brings her personal brand of eccentricity by the side of a dancer. With colors clashing all over the place, the superstar is back with her signature quick-blinking, sudden-movement dance moves. With inflatables around her arms and a bright yellow bob haircut, Nicki embraces her quirkiness, ending the video as a line of suited individuals raises Nicki cut-outs to cover their faces with hers.

The teaser offers everything you would expect from a Nicki Minaj video as the songstress has officially returned to the game. With her presence felt, it will be interesting to see if the music video lives up to the hype. Check out the preview below.