Yesterday, Nicki Minaj and Lil Uzi Vert dropped off the official video for "The Way Life Goes Remix," a Daps directed journey into the woods. Despite the star power of the artists involved, the visuals remained on the minimalist side, with relatively little in the way of action. In fact, both Nicki and Uzi remain rather static throughout, with the latter literally tied to a tree, unable to move. Still, the cinematography is easy on the eyes, largely in due to the picturesque wilderness and of course, a scantily clad Nicki Minaj. If you haven't yet caught the video, make sure to check it out by hitting the link below, and share your thoughts accordingly.

Today, Nicki has come through with some behind the scenes footage, sharing a brief video on her Instagram page. "I sprayed the entire bottle on me & them hoe ass bugs still fucked me up," writes Nicki, a fact to which any outdoor connoisseur can attest. Despite the seemingly grueling working conditions, Minaj still managed to maintain her composure, and from the look of this new footage, it seems like she had a fun time on set. The clip does feature some unseen footage, in which Nicki raps her verse while sidled up next to Lil Uzi. Ultimately, it would appear that scene was left on the cutting room floor, as perhaps the director wanted Uzi to remain isolated.

Either way, check out the clip below, courtesy of Nicki Minaj's IG. Did you check out "The Way Life Goes Remix" yet? What did you think?