There's a lot of music coming out this summer and many are awaiting Nicki Minaj's upcoming album, Queen. Fans were waiting on her to drop it on June 15th as she initially announced but last week, she revealed that the album would be pushed back until August. We've only had two singles from her since she returned to social media from her hiatus. In addition to her album, she's also working on a documentary titled, Making Of Queen. Last night, she took to Twitter to share a snippet of it.

Nicki Minaj shared some behind the scenes footage from her upcoming documentary. The snippet she dropped on Twitter is a glimpse into the making of her single, "Chun-Li." In the clip, Nicki Minaj's is seen rapping in gibberish and finding the flow in the song before she actually added lyrics to it. It's an interesting clip considering that we hardly see how Nicki Minaj's creative process is in the studio. She's clearly enjoys a little bit of kush to get in the zone.

While fans may not get to hear her album, Queen by it's original release date of June 15th, Nicki still has surprises up her sleeve. After announcing the album's push back, she did say that fans will be receiving three surprises between June 11th and 15th. One of them is said to be the album art. We'll see what she has planned.