The world is finally getting a good glimpse at Nicki Minaj's family after the superstar rapper took some personal time off after the birth of her first child. Despite Nicki having dozens of sons in the rap game, this is the first time she's welcomed an actual son into the world. The last few weeks have brought tons of noteworthy moments from the Queen, which we outlined over the weekend, and while the Barbs still don't know her baby boy's name (all they have is his nickname, Papa Bear), they've gotten a decent glimpse at the adorable toddler on social media.

Always decked out in the latest designer clothing, Papa Bear is seemingly learning how to walk with his mommy Nicki and daddy Kenny. Draped in Burberry from head to toe, Nicki's son rocked a diamond-clad chain in a new video and tried to put one foot in front of the other-- however, as Nicki narrated, the little boy was pretty fed up at the end of his attempt.

"You ain't trying to do all of that today?" asked Nicki, sharing a video of her son learning how to walk. "Hm? You're not trying to do all of that today? Everyone bothering you? You had it? 'Mom, I had it! Leave me alone already, please! Ain't nobody got time for all of that, mama.'"

In the video, Kenneth Petty holds their baby, who seems restless as he taps his foot on the floor, trying to take a step towards his mother.

Are you happy that Nicki Minaj has finally been sharing more of her personal life with fans?