As you may have heard, Nicki Minaj used her Queen Radio platform to let off a few minor-to-major announcements. After the "Hard White" video dropped containing allusions of a fallout with Drake, Nicki Minaj served two additional freestyle records live on her podcast: over Meek Mill & Drake's "Going Bad" and another over Lil Baby and Gunna’s "Drip Too Hard," the former proving less fortuitous in its delivery.

On "Barbie Goin Bad," Nicki seemingly makes an allusion to a 5th studio being completed, as well as a bunch of other speculations related industry politics we are just beginning to uncover. The allusions begin right from the onset, but the meatier information is in the back-end of the song. See for yourself.

"The label hit me said they want the fifth thing-thing, I got in the studio, I did the fifth thing thing
And then they say 'You know, it's time to drop your single' I said 'Noooo'
You know radio already tried to blackball a b*tch."

After debuting "Barbie Going Bad," Nicki insisted upon the submission of a freestyle-per-week until the yet-to-be-named album goes to press - all of this occurring on her Queen Radio platform. And she sure as hell didn't stop at that, there's plenty of tea to go around right here.