Nicki Minaj talked to Tim Westwood about the Hot 97 Summer Jam fiasco, and Westwood sympathized with Nicki over the incident.

In the end though, Nicki Minaj says she has no animosity towards Hot 97, but she was disappointed.

"I am really proud that Wayne stood up and said, 'hey, not anymore.' In the last eighteen months I sold 3.5 million albums a certain point you just want respect, you're workin' hard!"

She also pointed out that Lil Wayne performed the pop single "How To Love" at Summer Jam. "No one said anything [when Lil Wayne did 'How To Love']," Minaj said.

"I think the guys do treat the guys different, and maybe they feel that Nicki Minaj is something to be played with. But, you know. It's like, it should just be in love. And you have your opinions on the radio and all that, but when an artist is coming there to perform you should just keep it to yourself, just that one day."

"I feel like it happened, and you know, there's no animosity," Minaj said, "I still love them over there at the station, they've helped me a lot as well.So, it's not that were walking around being angry, we wanted to prove that one point, and that was that."

Watch the interview clip with Westwood below.