When Nicki drops something, she usually does so in surprise fashion. Tonight, she was busy responding to impatient fans when she suddenly decided to reveal that she has a new album dropping at midnight. Its title? Pick My Fruit Out. She then revealed that every song on Pick My Fruit Out will be named after a fruit and that is indeed the case on the tracklist she has just shared. Well, track No. 9 is called "Fruit Loops" and "Bananas" shares an alternate title of "Harambe Interlude." 

Nicki first tweeted out a 9-song tracklist, and she then tweeted out the lengthier title of track No. 10, "N*gga Toss My Fruit Salad," which is the song she's "most excited" about, as it apparently features her "favorite rapper of all time." Now this all seems like a far-fetched concept for a rap album, though if anyone can get away with making a song called "N*gga Toss My Fruit Salad," it's Nicki. But if the track titles weren't enough, Nicki also told a fan that she's been crying with laughter throughout the Pick My Fruit Out rollout. 

What's the verdict: Is Pick My Fruit Out a real thing? Check back here at midnight to find out.