This is pretty wild. We weren't expecting much drama from today's episode of Queen Radio but considering Cardi B's family members are speaking on her name, she decided to go in on the "Money" rapper again. In one of the recent episodes of Queen Radio, Nicki put her rival on blast after they had a scuffle during New York Fashion Week. Now, more details are coming out about the notorious shoe-throwing incident and Nicki isn't holding back.

With Hennessy Carolina continuously speaking on Minaj, Nicki felt the need to respond to Cardi's team saying they "leaked" her phone number. She denied that claim and went on to say that Rah Ali, her close friend, beat up Cardi bad during the NYFW fight. She defended her girl, saying that she actually has footage from her cameraman of the fight. She said that Rah punched Cardi at least eight times and they were the "hardest" punches she'd ever heard. Yikes. 

Nicki seems to be preaching for a truce between the two, saying there's nothing in particular that makes her not like Cardi B. She says that she had a private conversation with the "Bodak Yellow" star in a hotel room, which she refuses to give too many details on. Now, she's saying that Cardi better shut her sister up because it's simply getting on her nerves at this point. 

Queen Radio is live now. Tune in to hear all of what she has to say.