The hype around Nicki Minaj's ass-tastic "Anaconda" cover art was pretty substantial, but when clips from the video arrived, it was clear the Young Money rapper was taking things to the next level. Last night, ThePinkprint emcee shut the internet down with the full length clip, which found her and a few friends shaking it in the jungle, the kitchen, and the gym, which had us looking a bit like Drake in the closing moments of the video.

Since the internet naturally started producing GIFs at record-breaking speeds last night, we've decided to compile the best of the bunch. Scroll through the gallery above for some of the best moments (there are a lot) from the twerk-filled clip.

This is not the first time Nicki has inspired a GIF gallery (and surely won't be the last). Check out our list of Minaj's best animated moments from Nelly's "Get Like Me" video.

Watch the video that inspired it all here.