There was a time when Nicki Minaj was quite private about her relationship with Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, but as the days roll on, the Queen rapper is sharing bits about her romance with her beau without hesitation. The pair have been friends since their youths, and over the years, even as they went their separate ways, there apparently was a spark that not even time nor space could diminish. 

Just days ago we shared a report that Nicki and Kenneth recently received a marriage license, an indication that the pair may be finally tying the knot. While neither of them has confirmed the rumors, they did make an appearance together on Queen Radio. Nicki shared the clip on her Instagram page with a message that her Apple Music Beats 1 Radio show would soon be televised.

In the video, Nicki tells Kenny that a fan asked her how he and Nicki became involved as it pertained to her relationship timeline. She was honest and said that back in the day when she was around 17 or 18-years-old, she had a boyfriend but was also seeing Kenny on the side. Nicki shared the story that one day she was at her house with her boyfriend when Kenny called and the two were yelling at one another on the phone. However, when Kenny saw Nicki's man around the way, he allegedly beat him up in order to let him know that Nicki was his woman.

"But then, our lives just took completely different turns," she said as she mentioned that they had a fight that aided in their separation. She added, "He did some stuff that he shouldn't have did..." but never finished her thought. It's no secret that Kenneth served time in prison after being convicted of first-degree rape in 1995 when he was 16, with a sentence of four years, and later spent time behind bars from 2006 to 2013 on a manslaughter conviction. His jail time has been a talking point among Nicki's fans and foes, but no matter what people think, the Queen Barb has made it clear that she has never been as happy as she is with her "soulmate."