Nicki Minaj dropped off some new single artwork for a song called "Anaconda" that is sure to make waves on the internet for the art alone. The YMCMB first lady bares her backside on the art, wearing nothing but a pink thong, a pink bra and blue kicks.

Taking to Instagram and Twitter to reveal the art, she announced that we can expect the song to hit iTunes on July 28th, which is in four days time. The song is off her upcoming album The Pink Print, which has already spawned one hit, "Pills N Potions." Still no release date for The Pink Print, but we'll keep you posted.

Peep the artwork in the gallery above, and stay tuned for the single to drop. Nicki recently killed the "No Flex Zone" beat, which you can listen to here.

[Update: Details On Single Revealed]

Eric Bellinger, who produced "Anaconda" with Polow Da Don and Da Internz, has revealed a little more information on the upcoming single. "She went crazy," he told MTV News, revealing the theme of the record with a simple phrase."Turn up. That's it. Just turn up. The realest turn up possible."

According to Bellinger, he was called in to put the finishing touches on the record, on which he says he played "a Quincy Jones in the situation."

Apparently, the song was treated as a single from the get go, so the producers made sure to perfect it accordingly. "She knew that she wanted it to be her single, so it was a super big advantage for us when we were in there working," he said. "We were like, 'Well, we're not leaving until it gets right.' I didn't get home until the next day, until it was daylight."

The beatmakers were pleased with the results, to say the least. "I think everybody that was involved was super open to, 'Whatever we have to do for the sake of the song; whatever's the best look for the song, let's do that.' And everybody put egos aside," he explained. "For this one, it was like it was already a hit single and it was already #1 when we were in the studio. It was a crazy feeling."

"Anaconda" drops July 28th.

[Update #2: Single Pushed Back]

While hype for "Anaconda" reached an insane peak this weekend, Ms. Minaj has pushed the single back another full week. The track will now drop Monday, August 4th, and she promises we "will understand why before the week is out."

Will she further capitalize on the hype her image has received? We'll have to wait and see. Check out a new photo from the same shoot that spawned the already infamous pose above (this one's from the front).

[Update #3: Unaltered Cover Art Surfaces]

Leave it to MediaTakeOut to dig up the unaltered/not-photoshopped cover of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" single artwork. Take a look at both alleged images side by side in the gallery above.