When Nicki Minaj "retired" from music last year, she told fans that she would be focusing on her family life from then on. Many theorized that she was expecting a baby but, at that point, she did not confirm or deny the news. She has been hinting at her pregnancy for a minute and, today, she finally came through with the official reveal.

Nicki Minaj is pregnant!

The superstar rapper shared a picture on her social media profiles, flaunting her baby bump and sharing the happy news with all of her supporters. She looks to be well along, which would explain why she has not been posting too many recent pictures.

Rumors intensified last month when DJ Boof, the rapper's official DJ, asked if he was still going to be playing at the baby shower. Obviously, fans jumped on that, taking it as proof that there was a bun in Nicki's oven.

For years, people have been publicly wishing for Nicki to expand her family. Now, she's got a husband and a baby on the way. Everything is looking up for her and we couldn't be any happier.

Congratulations to Nicki and Kenny! Send her love in the comments.