Nicki Minaj made waves during New York Fashion Week and she plans to kick it up a level in Milan. The artist paired up with the Italian brand Diesel for a fashion collaboration. 

Diesel's founder Renzo Rosso teased fall “Hate Couture” in July during a campaign in Paris. 

“Diesel’s Haute Couture will be a bold message toward haters worldwide — and an invitation for everyone to step up, face and own the negative messages we receive every day.” 

The "Chun Li" rapper is clearly excited about this new project. She is completely on board with the spirit behind this collection as someone who has faced criticism for being an alleged "bully" to other female artists. 

She teased the new line with a photo of herself wearing a hoodie marked by bold letters: "Bad Guy."

"You need people like me. So you can point your finger & say: THAT’S THE BAD GUY‼️ Got a surprise for anyone who’s ever been labeled #TheBadGuy."

Billboards of the star flaunting the gear are plastered over a whole block in the fashion capital.

Essentially, she's capitalizing on the stories that were told to make her look like a "bad guy." This whole thing is genius.