After Lil' Kim proudly proclaimed she sold 113,000 copies of her new mixtape 'Black Friday,' her nemesis Nicki Minaj has written the next chapter in their everlasting saga. Last night, the Harajuku Barbie took to her Twitter account to tweet mocking words to Kim, who is depicted decapitating Nicki on the cover of the 'tape.

"Bwaahhhhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhaaahhhhhaaahahahahahahahhhaha!!!!!!!!!! *lifeless* *leaves on stretcher* *cant go on*," wrote Nicki after Kim announced that she had become the highest selling PayPal user of all time. The pink-haired rapstress soon followed by retweeting a fan who wrote "The devil is a liar."

The Queen Bee, who was a top trending topic last night on Twitter, fired back by slinging some harsh words of her own. "#twitterbeef This is not beef. Real beef is when someone gets shot 5 minutes later. CHILD PLEASE!!! #toomanytwittergangstas #teamlilkim LEGO," she wrote.

The beef between Kim and Nicki has been heating up over the past few months, with each artist taking shots at one another on wax and in interviews. Kimmy Blanco is set to reveal her video for her diss 'Black Friday' later today, featuring a Nicki Minaj lookalike.