In late February, we reported that Nick Minaj's wig guru Terrence Davidson was suing the rapper for stealing his designs and marketing them as her own. Slapped with a $30 million lawsuit (a sum Davidson finds suitable for his efforts), Minaj responded today and she's not happy.

As reported by TMZ, Minaj is "claiming the guy is nothing without her -- and hinting he fried his career like a bad perm by pissing her off." She also dismisses Davidson's claim she prevented him from becoming a reality TV star, countering that he would never see an offer without being her stylist. Or as she put it in the docs, "his self-described talents are insufficient to garner the same types of business opportunities he may have received when serving as Mrs. Maraj's hairstylist."

Minaj wants the judge to toss the lawsuit.

Who's side are you on? Did Davidson really earn $30 million for his work?