The biggest drama that happened this weekend was at Harper's Bazaar NYFW party where Nicki Minaj and Cardi B proved their assumed beef was very much real since they got into a brawl. Things ended with Cardi having a massive bruise on her forehead and her shoe being thrown at Nicki. After the fact, Cardi went on Instagram to explain the reason for the feud, detailing how the last straw was Nicki liking comments about her parenting abilities and her child. 

Nicki has yet to make a comment on the matter, but she's definitely staying very active on Twitter and seeing what people have to say. According to Cosmopolitan, Nicki had liked a few tweets defending her own manner after fans tweeted that she would never "talk about a innocent child." Nicki has seemingly since unliked the tweets, check them out below. 

"Bitches talk all that shit in they raps but in real life they pussy!!," Cardi ended her message on the matter. Nicki's Beats 1 Queen radio airs today, and it's safe to say she may discuss the fight head on.