After making a triumphant return to social media following a hiatus to take care of her baby boy, Nicki Minaj isn't holding back. The rapper is celebrating the successes of the rerelease of her 2009 mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty after it was reported that the record moved 80K units its first week and broke records. Now that Mrs. Petty is back into her online groove, she shared a few thoughts about loyalty and staying the course, but first, she posed a question to the public.

"Yall don't feel corny when you post a private dm or text someone sent you?" Nicki tweeted. She didn't specify what prompted the question, but conversations about this topic were recently reignited after a woman sent screenshots of an Instagram DM exchange with Amber Rose to blogs. The model was asking the woman if she had been talking to Amber's man, Alexander "AE" Edwards.

An hour later, Nicki returned with a bit of advice. "Sometimes the ppl you've helped the most will begin to hate you once there are new boundaries in place & they realize they can no longer use you," she tweeted. "If you are naturally a giver, this will hit home for you. Don't worry. Your blessings will continue to pour in."

Check it out below.

Nicki Minaj, Twiiter