In the summer, EA Sports' Madden 19 delivered an advertisement of epic proportions, enlisting Nicki Minaj, Quavo and Lil Dicky as pivotal players in "The Legend Of Will." The clip followed a linear narrative of sorts, in which comedian Chris Redd discourses with Dicky about the exploits "Will," the voice behind the so-called "greatest play call ever." Though silly in nature, the advertisement is clever enough to merit amusement, and proof that the Madden franchise is not without its place in hip-hop culture. 

Now, EA has uploaded the sequel to the original clip, which features the same aforementioned rappers, albeit in reduced roles. Once again centering around the "best play caller" title, Redd finds himself vying for the title, which comes with a few luxurious perks - primarily, an intimate lunch date with Nicki Minaj. Quavo, Dicky, and Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins also appear, with the Migos member revealing his speaking voice has been tinged with autotune since his infancy.

Check out the clip below.