Nicki Minaj has been on a rampage, and a murderous one at that. Not long after sending Joe Budden scurrying beneath the table like Lil B walked into the room, Nicki wasted little time in airing yet another grievance. This time, her sights were set on Rick Ross, who recently dropped off his tenth studio album Port Of Miami 2. Now, Ross and Nicki have somewhat of a history, given that Nicki's ex-boyfriend Meek Mill was signed to Rozay during their relationship. After the split turned ugly, Ross weighed in on 2017's "Apple Of My Eye," rapping "I told Meek I wouldn't trust Nicki/Instead of beefin' with your dog, you just give 'em some distance." 

Clearly, the disrespect did not sit well with Nicki, who addressed Ross directly during an appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast (around the 36 minute mark). Explaining that she was among the only ones loyal to Meek during his darker days. "When a grown-ass fucking man name-drops a woman to sell an album, when I was the only one in his corner when everyone turned their back on them, when everyone was calling them 'Twitter-fingers' and cracking up laughing at them? My n***a!" vents Nicki, alluding to the aforementioned "Apple Of My Eye." 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"I went and sat down in a meeting with Obama, President Obama, and Ross was there," she revealed. "He texted dude after the meeting and said, 'Yo, this chick is a keeper.' I saw the text myself with my own eyes. 'This chick is a keeper. She went in a room full of rappers and spoke to Obama and the first thing out of her mouth was about you and figuring out your probation situation and why you're still on probation after all these years.'"

"And then you come out on an album, when it's time to sell some weak-ass fuckin' album, and try to disrespect Nicki Minaj?" she says, incredulous at the audacity. "What? And now you try to disrespect 50? Try to hope 50 would respond to your nonsense this time? Boy, sit your fat ass down." Joe can't help but marvel at her tenacity - "I love how you giving it out," he says, with a chortle. At this point, Ross has yet to respond, but you can already guess that 50 Cent is making the appropriate meme as we speak.