How do merge content with promotional know-how, you've got to hit the right individuals on Instagram -- the big clout magnates. Beloved "charity-case" Fat Boy SSE is benefitting from a Nicki cameo in his most recent Instagram campaign. The scene begins as Nicki gets cornered by Fat Boy in a vacant office space. Fat Boy orders her to put her hands against the wall, preventing any sudden motion from occurring. In Fat Boy SSE's mind, the "Barbie Dreams" is a threat worthy of all our attention. Anybody can get it.

Fat Boy beings his interrogation with a standard line of questioning, "why did you do it? where & how?' But the conversation takes a dramatic once Nicki Minaj reveals her true intentions on "Barbie Dreams," to show love in a mocking tone (by her own admission). Then out of nowhere, Fat Boy SSE flips the script and asks why he wasn't included in the song. Nicki looks at him quizzically then pauses for a hug: "It's all love."

While it was apparent from the get-go Nicki was only musing with her male patrons, a few the shots on "Barbie Dreams" hit close to home. Meek and Nicki Minaj never really made up, so that line is a bit egregious. The bit about Desiigner's mental fitness is a little off-color. Otherwise NBD right?