Somebody run Nicki her check. Twitter rolled out big news today (June 17) as they announced they have a new voice feature. Some avid Twitter users are still awaiting an opportunity to edit their tweets, but that day will have to take a backseat as they fiddle around with being able to hear what their favorite online strangers sound like. This evening, Nicki Minaj couldn't help but remember that she tweeted the same idea years ago, and now she's wondering if she'll get a piece of the Twitter-bankroll-pie.

Nicki Minaj
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

"If Twitter came out with a way for me to voice note my tweets they'd be winning," the rapper tweeted almost three years ago. "Give me my money tho. Give me my money." Nicki Minaj found the tweet and shared it to her Instagram page as she wondered if she should be expecting a check from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sometime soon.

"Can y’all go on Twitter & tell them give me my money for this new voice note feature I told them to add in 2017? 🤧," Nicki wrote in the caption to her post. It seems that The Simpsons aren't the only ones predicting the future. Check out the Instagram post by Nicki Minaj below.