Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne have a long maintained a close relationship since the early days of Nicki's career. In a recent interview with Billboard, Wayne said "I still think Nicki Minaj is still the Queen of Hip Hop," heralding her transformation and accomplishment. In a recent picture posted to her Instagram, Nicki took a moment to show some love to the Young Money boss. 

Nicki and Wayne are both clad in demure yet stylish all black outfits. Both musicians are wearing black caps and adorned with undoubtedly expensive jewelry. Nicki flashes a grin with her face pointed downwards while Weezy reveals a gleaming set of grills looking at the camera. The "Barbie Dreams" rapper captioned the photo with lyrics from a song off of The Carter V she featured on titled, "Dark Side of the Moon." 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Wayne addressed rumors that Drake and Nicki were no longer Young Money artists. “They still have their own thing and they’re still with me as well,” he said. “They’ve always had their own thing. Now it’s just that they have the opportunity to let me make their own thing shine brighter than it has. They’re still my artists. Understand, but they have their own things as well, because now I’m in a position I’m in now I’m going to make sure whatever they want for themselves to be, [I’m] going to make sure it’s exactly as it should be.”