Nicki Minaj is familiar with the concept of collaborating with other artists. Still, her most recent joint effort with Tekashi 6ix9ine seemed to be special for reasons other than its success. Their track "FEFE" was certified gold just two weeks after it's release. 

To celebrate the occasion, Nicki Minaj shared a personal anecdote about the first few minutes of their collaboration. The female emcee uploaded a voice note of her rapping a part of her verse. Apparently, it was recorded just minutes after hopping off the phone with her collaborator. She details the interaction in her caption.

"#3 on BBHOT100 @6ix9ine sent me this song & we got on the phone to discuss. 5 mins after the call I sent him this voice note 😅True story. He sent me a voice note back making fun of my voice. I was literally in bed half sleep! Smh 🙈 i was inspired tho cuz it reminded me of a song I did wit GUCCI years ago. Got dat supa soaka, p$$y pop like cola coka, plus it’s tighta than a choka, got him smilin like da joka! Gucci made me write that verse in 15 mins cuz he said he only had money for 2 hours of studio time & we both had to write and record😩"

Nicki is welcoming 69 on her joint tour with Future as one of their opening acts. More laughs are likely to be shared from this upcoming chapter.