If there's anyone determined to take a stand in the wake of the horrific events of the Ariana Grande concert bombing, it's Nas' newly-minted love interest Nicki Minaj.

As reported by TMZ, Nicki got a lot off her chest about Monday night's terror attack, saying that she would not be cancelling any upcoming shows or appearances because she's refusing to live "in fear." She also shared some warm words for Ariana and promised her Manchester that she'd perform for them, saying that "they deserve it." It's great to see that the traumatized citizens of the UK can look forward to seeing the "No Regrets" star when she next rolls through town. Letting fear rule the world, in Nicki's eyes, is the wrong way to go.

When one photographer brought up President Trump, she also made very clear to everyone what her position is.

You can watch the full video below.