Whether he'll admit or not, teaming up Nicki Minaj's nemesis was a measured tactic. The fourth track on his comeback album Championships is exactly that, and make no mistake about it, Twitter is loving every minute of it, at Nicki Minaj's expense. Die-hard hip-hop fans were privy to the rumors back in October when a snippet of "On Me" featuring Cardi B surfaced on the net. But it wasn't until the project saw debuted at midnight, that Twitter began its onslaught, and it doesn't be letting up any time soon.

Many commenters on social media suspect Cardi B is even taking a shot at Nicki Minaj on her verse, but I don't there's enough material evidence to support their argument. You be the judge: "Hit it to your face, get pores out yeah I been hardworking and humble. Believe me, I’ve heard of the mumble," she raps. "I'm just gone leave it alone ‘Cause I would put burners to bundles. Bitches are miserable, they are so typical, hating is cheap, not my material."

Here are some of the more scathing responses to come from the Internet, some ranging from recontextualized images of Nicki Minaj in a positive light, a negative light, and in many instances, popular memes are repackaged to fit the bill. You know the Barbies are never far behind when sh*t hits the fan.