Beyoncé earned herself the most liked Instagram post of all time with the announcement of her pregnancy earlier this week, and Nicki Minaj has come with an answer to the singer's iconic pose. This weekend, Nicki shared an evidently photoshopped photo of herself looking to be at least 7 months pregnant on Instagram, being very clear in her intentions of joking with fans.

"Y'all so childish," she wrote, likely referencing that the photo was fan-made, before joking, "I was gonna wait to share the news but..."

Nicki also made reference to one of her favorite lines, "ATBIMS," which stands for "All these bitches are my sons," making the photo all the more relevant.

As easy as it may be to tell that the whole thing is a joke (she shared a photo of herself in a bathing suit one day prior that makes this a physical impossibility), a few commenters did still manage to get a bit confused by it all.

For more evidence that Nicki is not the least bit pregnant check out the photos she shared from her upcoming "Run Up" video with Major Lazer and PartyNextDoor.

Nicki was one of many to congratulate Beyoncé on her pregnancy earlier this week.