Nicki Minaj is pulling out all the stops to unseat Travis Scott's Astroworld for #1 on the sales chart. The way I've framed it, you'd think there was bad blood between the two ambitious sides, but no Nicki is simply hankering for flawless scorecards; she wants the numbers. Hip hop's legacy program has become a metric for displacement, leading Nicki to include a non-sequitur track ("FEFE") at the foot of her Queen uploads on all streaming platforms. The NY rapper will likely pull the track from the liner notes once the experiment is complete, regardless of the outcome: 1st or 2nd. 

Aside from joining every willing radio host with a sizable following, Nicki has also resorted to obsequious behavior, especially towards her fans. While I do believe her love/hate relationship leans more favoribly towards positivity, the timing of her babyface turn is a little suspect to those who witnessed her berate and battle impatient Tweeters for months on end.

The latest marketing ploy that could give her an edge in competition revolves around a package deal for digital version of the album, a poster of the cover art, and 3-month trial of Tidal. The bundle is only available to online shoppers in the U.S. for a period of 48 hours. Knock yourself dead barbies (right here).