Nicki Minaj has taken a rightful break from the rap game. There have been new developments in her life that arguably needed more attention than her already established music career. Creating a family which included her marriage to Kenneth Petty and the birth of their son. Nick's been surprisingly low-key but she's clearly getting ready to pop out this week after announcing that she has something special releasing on Friday.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

She previewed a few bars from the upcoming release yesterday in an Instagram post, writing, "Btchs act like they want action, heard they want action, btch we aint duckin no action. I’m bout to giv’em dat traction, send a distraction— then ima line’em like FRACTIONS," she wrote, hinting that the entire verse will be unveiled this Friday.

It seems that before she unloads new music for the fans, she'll be blessing the Barbz with a rare IG Live. She did not indicate what she might be possibly addressing but chances it seems likely that she'll be previewing the song before its actual release. However, the announcement arrived with a bit of a flex including a Rolls Royce truck that she was cruising in and a rare pink Richard Mille -- one of eight in the world.

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