Alexa is clearly ride or die for Young Money. Amazon's virtual assistant has been known to offer opinions on hip-hop; when Lil Wayne asked her to "play the GOAT," she complied by queuing up "Dedicate." Now, Nicki Minaj has decided to follow in her mentor's footsteps, taking a minute to experiment with Alexa, testing her loyalty in the process. Upon watching Weezy's own Alexa video, Nicki asks the virtual assistant to "play the Queen." 

Alexa responds by playing "Majesty," by "Nicki Minaj, Labrinth, and others." Others, of course, refers to Eminem, of all people, arguably one of the biggest artists in the world. In any case, Minaj seems pleased by the revelation, opting for a victory dance to her own soundtrack. It's a good look for Nicki, who has been doubling down on the "Queen" narrative throughout the year. It does not appear likely that she'll be slowing down her "bend-the-knee" extravaganza anytime soon.