It's being reported that Instagram will be removing the ability for followers to see the "like" count on posts starting next week, and celebrities have been weighing in on the move since. Cardi B commented on the move yesterday, and now, so has Nicki Minaj.

"I’m not posting on IG after this week cuz they removing the likes. Hmmmm what should I get into now? Think of all the time I’ll have with my new life," the rapper wrote on Twitter yesterday. 

According to, she expanded on IG live saying, “So basically no, Instagram is about to take everyone’s likes simply because they don’t want you to go off on the side, forming all sorts of businesses and being able to say, ‘I get this amount of likes,’ and charging brands. They want you to have to pay them. If you pay them, then that’s why we have all these ‘sponsored’ Instagram posts… They had to shuffle it real quick to let you know, you ain’t the boss.”

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri told Bloomberg on Friday, “What we’re hoping to do is depressurize Instagram a little bit, and make it a bit less of a competition. The idea is to try and reduce anxiety and social comparisons, specifically with an eye towards young people.”