Apple Music's Queen Radio featured a showdown that Nicki Minaj fans didn't expect to ever see after the rapper sat down with her former manager, Big Fendi. For years the pair have been at odds and back in 2014 Fendi, the person credited for discovering Nicki, even appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club with Lil Kim where the two discussed their issues with the Pink Print rapper.

On Queen Radio, Nicki addressed the topic of forgiveness as she hashed out her differences with her former confidant. "This is what I always do in any relationship with anybody that I have," she said. "I make a list in my brain of all the good things about this person and what they brought to my life and all the bad things. And if the good outweighed the bad, then I sometimes give them another chance at being in my life. But most of the times I don't let people back in my life, but I forgive them."

"People get the wrong idea. When I say I'm a very forgiving person, they think I mean we gon' be back friends," she added. "Oh, we ain't never gon' be back friends. You know what I mean? It's like that with me, normally. Normally. It's not that I'm walking around angry at them. I never be, like, mad. I be like, 'Okay, next.' But with this person for many, many years I was very, very angry. I just felt betrayed on so many levels and I'm sure he felt that way as well, but, here it is."

Nicki and Fendi worked together prior to the rapper moving on to be managed by Deb Antney, a person who Fendi has stated "brainwashed" Nicki. In her chat with Fendi she admitted that he helped her move her career forward but stated, "The mistake you made was that you thought I was some brainless ho that you was going to tell what to do," adding, "The last straw was when you put me on a DVD and the caption said 'Super P*ssy.'" The pair couldn't fully agree on what led to their fallout, but they did their best talk things out.