Though Nicki Minaj has been espousing that "these bitches are her sons" for years, it would appear that the legendary rapper has finally become a mother for the first time. After announcing her pregnancy in July, TMZ reports that Minaj gave birth in Los Angeles yesterday, confirming that both the name and sex remain unknown as of now. The publication also confirms that her husband, Kenneth Petty, was by her side for the duration of the birth. 

Nicki Minaj Gives Birth

Rich Fury/Getty Images

The news comes as a welcome surprise for Minaj's legions of fans, especially the Barbz, who will likely venerate the child with a saintlike reverence. As of this moment, the rapper has yet to publically announce the news on her own platform, though it's likely she will share confirmation at some point in the imminent future. It's also unclear as to whether she'll be actively following through with previously-teased retirement plans, though it wouldn't be surprising to see Nicki taking a temporary hiatus at the very least.

Fans of Minaj already understand how much she valued building a family, and it should be fun to see how the esteemed lyricist's parenting journey unfolds. Expect to see the child's name and gender revealed shortly, and in the meantime, congratulations to Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty on the great news.