Considering his polarizing persona, it is unsurprising that his supporters would receive some backlash. Nicki Minaj is bearing some of this weight. After Tekashi's imprisonment made headlines, the "Barbie Tingz" rapper took to social media to share a word of encouragement.

Nicki informed of her following about the current state of 6ix9ine's project rollout. Her message confirmed that the release date was being pushed past its original slot of November 23. She also took time to send love to the inmate and his family: "For reasons beyond the music, the record company will hold off on putting his project out for now. Danny, I love you and am praying for you, your mother, daughter & her mom during this time.

Social media users have expressed their disapproval of her display of loyalty for her "FEFE" collaborator, many of who are calling the artist a "pedophile apologist." One Twitter user put into question a couple of her other relationships to that effect: "6ix9ine a repeating rapist AND pedophile is friends with Nicki Minaj who defends her brother who is a RAPlST PEDOPHlLE all while being friends with Rah Ali who runs a pimp sweatshop in the back of a strip club"

Some went as far as dissing her music, essentially saying that they had dismissed her before this situation: "Queen is still flop and has lots of skip.."

A lot of people are making light of the situation with humor.