What Nicki Minaj wants, it seems that Nicki Minaj gets.

Celebrity jewelry makers Rafaello & Co. shared a video of a new piece they've created for the rapper and, to put it simply, it's quite impressive. When you hold it in your hand, at a normal viewing angle, the word "Barbie" is spelled out in large pink letters. However, when you move the pendant from side to side, another symbol appears - one that seems to mimic the design of her 2014 album cover for The Pinkprint.

As stunning as it is, it hasn't gotten nearly the kind of frenzied reaction from the Internet compared to a few days ago, when Nicki tweeted out a baby emoji and everyone flipped out. Besides, a piece as diamond-filled as this new one should definitely be kept out of the reach of newborns.

Check it out below.