Early response to the recent pair of Nicki Minaj singles indicate that interest in her upcoming Queen album is at an all time high. Remember, that joint is set to drop on June 15th, the same day as rumored old flame Nas. Should be an interesting day in hip-hop to say the least. With such a milestone quickly approaching, Nicki has been deep in full blown promotion, losing herself in preparation of her impending SNL appearance. Considering the long-running show's main claim to fame is the fact that it's indeed live, plenty is riding on Minaj's first televised appearance in a minute. 

Case in point, Nicki has already started rehearsing for the big day. In a new Instagram post, the "Chun-Li" sing can be seen roaming the SNL studios in a Birdman-esque long take, practicing some lively vocal runs. In truth, it's not the most eventful clip in the world. It is, however, nice to see Nicki's various talents on display. Clearly Nicki is in good spirits, which makes sense, given her return to the game has an air of triumph about it. Much has been said during her absence, and we can only hope she addresses everything come Queen.

Catch Nicki's behind-the-scenes clip below, and stay patient for her appearance on SNL, this Saturday, May 19th.