It's no secret that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B dislike each other. The two were playing it cool earlier this year but there appears to have been major tension over both "MotorSport" and "Drip." Both records have been rumored to cause major drama between the artists as recent reports say Nicki gave Future an ultimatum over featuring on Invasion of Privacy. Of course, their beef hit a climax when Bardi tossed a shoe at Nicki during an NYFW event. During her now-infamous Queen Radio episode about the "Bodak Yellow" songstress, Nicki took issue with Cardi's alleged attack on two women at a strip club. The allegations were denied by Cardi until today when she turned herself in over the issue. As expected, the Queen rapper's fanbase had an absolute field day with this news. 

Clearly, the Barbs are not impressed about Cardi seemingly lying about the attack at the strip club. They've been reposting the footage of Nicki yelling at her rival about fighting two "innocent girls at the strip club" and turning the script on her, saying that she's actually the one stopping people's bags. Seriously, her fans did not take it easy on Cardi but that was probably to be expected.

Cardi has since left the courthouse, smiling as she walked to the car. The extent of her punishment, if there is any, will likely be reported later today. Check out some of the tweets below.